Adult video chatbots

They can do this without us even voicing our wants.

One of the major applications of AI will be chatbots and customer service. They have 50 million business pages and want to see Messenger as the way people communicate with businesses.

They envision people talking to bots to make reservations, place orders, and schedule appointments. How many people will miss endlessly-circular, automated menus and being plunged into a telephonic abyss after pushing the wrong number? Microsoft has announced a developer toolkit to make it easier for businesses to develop bots.

The intelligence of machines seems less ‘artificial’ every day. Increasingly, they are created with the ability to learn.

The Internet of Things uses AI to make devices respond to our needs and desires.

“But for retailers to benefit from the bot opportunity, they need to convince consumers that commerce through a chat interface — instead of a traditional Web site or app — is as easy as texting a friend, but with more perks.

Think personal assistant, concierge, or VIP service.

Also known as 'chatterbot' or simply just 'bot', the official definition refers to it as a text-based dialog system.

Chatbots have input and output masks which they use to communicate in natural language.

Here's an interesting read that lists 5 more of live chat trends that I see as right ways to improve your interactions with your customers

Customer service departments in all industries are increasing their use of chatbots, and we will see usage rise even higher in the next year as companies continue to pilot or launch their own versions of the rule-based digital assistant. Forrester defines them as autonomous applications that help users complete tasks through conversation.

More than one in three Americans (37%) are willing to make a purchase through a chatbot, spending an average of .80 per purchase, according to a new report from Publicis Groupe’s Digitas LBi.

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