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The next photo shows the long-abandoned Wei Wai Kum cruise ship terminal, which cost million to build and opened in 2007.

Campbell River managed to attract 10 ships in 20, but only 1 in 2009, and there don’t appear to have been any large ships since.

(Special Education Teacher Specialist) Cell 250-586-3686 Home Eligible for Autism Funding through the BC Ministry of Family and Children (425) 672-2716 Darlene Mikkelsen, OTR/L (Pro trained and Home Supervisor Program) Katie Dawson, OTR/L (Focus trained and Home Supervisor Program) Ann Brown, COTA/L, SLPA-C (Focus trained) Caitlin Kahn, DPT (Focus trained) Stephanie Henriksen, PTA (Focus trained) Daniel Kruse, PTA (Focus trained) Janet Wong, PTA (Focus trained)(403) 686-3391 Sonya Sawers, OT [email protected] Cherrington, B. SLP [email protected] Vickers, OT [email protected] Trenaman, Therapy Assistant [email protected] Suvanto, Therapy Assistant [email protected] “Find i Ls Services” section of the site is intended to connect clients with i Ls Program providers.

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Foremost, targets experience tremendous grief through rejection by family, as well as loss of self worth by being shamed, invalidated and abandoned.

Scapegoating causes high levels of anxiety as the target never feels safe emotionally in the family, and can lead to depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress.

According to the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC), "The established, well-financed and -connected Hong Kong Triad groups and crime syndicates remain, to our mind, the biggest long-term threat to Canadian law enforcement and society." Known crime groups in Abbotsford involve Punjabi street gangs, various East Asian crime groups, motorcycle gangs, and multicultural street gangs.

However, there has been a gang conflict in the city mostly in West end part of the city in the Townhill Area.

They want to know if it’s different or harder for them.

I don’t want to piss people off; I’m not here to weave Hogwartian fantasy tales.

The gang conflict is between two South Asian gangs which involves 40 men in total between the ages of 15 to 25.

Between 2002-2009 there was a bloody gang war between two rival East Asian gangs the FK and FOB gangs which resulted in 25 gang related murders.

The truth is that few scapegoats will ever receive the acceptance and love they need, and many find they need to distance themselves from family in order to preserve their sanity and dignity, and get on with their lives.

I’ve received a fair amount of mail from my Asian and Indian friends about picking up white chicks.

See below for further explanation of i Ls Associates’ certifications.

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