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The Victim Services Program provides advocacy, crisis intervention, individual, family, and group therapy, bereavement groups, and support groups.

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1) Leominster How you think it’s pronounced: Leo-min-stir How it’s actually pronounced: Lemon-stir I went to Leominster once for a soccer game many moons ago and when we pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to learn that the opposing team’s mascot was not a lion or Leonardo Dicaprio but a “blue devil.” Why a town with the name “Leo” in the title would not take advantage of a built-in mascot opportunity was befuddling at first, until I learned that the “Leo” isn’t even part of the pronunciation.

2) Worcester How you think it’s pronounced: Wore-chess-tur How it’s actually pronounced: Wuss-tur This is the ultimate no-no.

It is one of the contributing structures to the Monument Square Historic District, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

A 10,000 square foot warehouse-like addition was opened in 1966, with the expectation that the facility would meet the needs of the community for the ensuing 20 years. Leominsters population has grown from 27,929 to 41,895, making it the second largest city in Central Massachusetts.

Our on-site technician is happy to help with any audio/visual needs, and our dedicated sales manager will take care of all the details. of event space that can break into five sections or you can create 8 breakout rooms if you need to split up large groups.

Centrally located in New England, the Double Tree by Hilton Leominster hotel is the ideal setting for a large conference or that one special event. Among the amenities offered by this Leominster, MA hotel are complimentary Wi Fi and plenty of complimentary parking spaces.

Whether you invite friends, colleagues, or clients to an event at Double Tree, we'll make sure that everything will run smoothly.

We're ready to help: setting up your space, supplying the room with what you need, or meeting special dietary needs, we'll make sure the details are dialed in.

The librarys original building is an architectural gem in the downtown area.

This two-story Roman brick structure with limestone trim was built in 1910 with partial funding from Andrew Carnegie.

3) Reading How you think it’s pronounced: Reed-ing How it’s actually pronounced: Red-ing Reading (like reed-ing) is a verb meaning “the action of interpreting written characters.” Reading (like red-ing) is a town in Massachusetts with cute little colonial buildings and a million elementary schools.

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