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There is a growing body of research on sexually motivated online communication with minors that has been variously described as luring, grooming and solicitation.

Evidence from US studies would suggest an increase in aggressive sexual solicitations, with adolescent girls being more likely to be targeted.

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This theory differed greatly from the Binet scale which, in Wechsler's day, was generally considered the supreme authority with regard to intelligence testing.

A drastically revised new version of the Binet scale, released in 1937, received a great deal of criticism from David Wechsler (after whom the original Wechsler–Bellevue Intelligence scale and the modern Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale IV are named).

Existing research has involved adolescent as well as offender populations, and has largely relied on surveys with young people, interviews and official record data with offenders and ethnographic work with police officers.

There have also been a number of studies using chat log data between offenders and adults pretending to be children.

A variety of terms are used to describe sexually motivated communication with a child: luring (Canada), solicitation (United States) and grooming (United Kingdom) being the most common.

In Canada, the offence of luring criminalises the act of communicating with children via a computer system for the purpose of facilitating or committing certain sexual offences, such as sexual exploitation or abduction.

The results of this study show strong similarities with previous research in relation to both offender and victim populations.

Implications are discussed in relation to the importance of reporting mechanisms, awareness raising with parents and the need to recognize sexual agency and resilience in many adolescents.

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The WISC requires between 65 – 80 minutes for administration and generates a score typical of most IQ tests.

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