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Federalism Federalism is a philosophy, doctrine and arguably an ideology (Watts: 1998) that favors a distinct territorial pattern of government, one that combines the centralization of some political powers and the decentralization of others.

The etymological origins of federalism derive from “foedus,” the Latin for “alliances” or “leagues” of states that joined together in pacts, covenants or agreements, typically for defensive purposes.

Federalism is the theory or advocacy of federal principles for dividing powers between member units and common institutions.

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Citizens thus have political obligations to, or have their rights secured by, two authorities.

The division of power between the member unit and center may vary, typically the center has powers regarding defense and foreign policy, but member units may also have international roles.

Scholl Chair, faculty of law and department of political science, University of Toronto.

My thanks to Avigail Eisenberg, Jean-François Gaudreault-Des Biens, Patrick Macklem, Ira Parghi, Michel Rosenfeld, Richard Simeon, and Michel Venne for helpful comments.

The decision-making bodies of member units may also participate in central decision-making bodies.

Much recent philosophical attention is spurred by renewed political interest in federalism, coupled with empirical findings concerning the requisite and legitimate basis for stability and trust among citizens in federal political orders.

a place and its people that have the right to determine their political status, may exercise that right to become part of a federal political system.

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