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great” Michelle whispered as she nuzzled my neck and planted little kisses behind my ear. We'd talked things over one last time when a glance at the clock told me mom would be coming home in a few minutes. “Yeah mom, you should flaunt that body” Michelle added.

“I love you baby” I sighed, exhausted but contented. “I have to pee” she whispered, prodding my side to make me move. Mom's latest acquisition was one of the dirtiest pornos I'd ever seen. Just as they were safely stowed away, mom's car rolled up the driveway. ” Michelle yelled as mom walked in, embraced her and gave her a couple of loud kisses. We discreetly ushered her out of the hallway and into the living room, away from the garage and the 24 guys that were hiding there. She didn't need much more incitement and soon she agreed to show her new negligee.

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Absolutely free text sex chatting

“Mom likes a lot” she sighed and kissed me on the lips. Don't forget to put the movie back” “Have I ever? I don't know what I expected when I first unlocked the drawer, but never would I have guessed I'd find close to a hundred erotic DVDs, a few dirty novellas, and a huge collection of assorted sex toys. Apparently there is an entire agency for this kind of thing! “We've also got you a present, mom” Michelle said and handed her a flat box, neatly wrapped in colorful paper and tied together with a ribbon. It was made of a very sheer fabric in an almost white aquamarine color. The living room had been transformed into a studio that rivaled those in mom's videos.

Among the toys I was able to recognize were about a dozen dildos and vibrators, love balls, anal beads and even a set of nipple clamps. well you know” She picked up her cellphone and walked off, talking to her friend. They can send us 24 guys for mom's birthday, age 18 to 25 and guaranteed STD free.” I never guessed it would be that simple. Michelle send me a text message to warn that mom was almost finished and a minute later I heard footsteps on the stairs.

At first, I was shocked to learn my sweet, sensuous mother was harboring such a dark and kinky side, but, in retrospect, I can't complain. Apparently, ordering a gangbang was the most normal thing in the world. ” “Seven hundred and twenty dollar” she corrected me. As the guys quickly got into position, I grabbed my camera and in the last few seconds before the girls entered the room, I filmed the men who were standing in a semi circle, all naked except for a face mask. 25 men were ready to make mom's deepest desires come true and give her a birthday present she'd never forget.

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By disclosing the nature of my own infidelities (which[GAY] By thebikinilover [A private (after store hours) suit fitting turns into wearing something incredibly hot.] I had a wedding of a friend to attend and needed a new suit for the occasion.

This was Thursday afternoon and the wedding was tomorrow!

“There was no romance at all” “Have you ever heard of a gangbang that did involve romance? Ever since I learned of the existence of this mysterious drawer, it had been my sole goal in life to discover whatever was hidden inside it. It means...” “Yes, I know what it means” “Then what's the problem? To accompany it, I had acquired a few bottles of champagne. I put the studio lamps in place, aimed the stationary cameras at the bench and made sure they would catch all the action.

” “That's what I mean” “Mom seems to like it” I argued. It had taken a lot of trouble to swipe mom's keys and have them copied without her knowing, but it was well worth it. After the cake was gone, and mom had had her two glasses of the sparkling wine, it was time to proceed with the next part of our plan. She tore away the wrapping paper, opened the box and held up a babydoll negligee. After connecting all the cables and double-checking all the cameras were working correctly and the laptop was indeed recording everything, we were ready.

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