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We've unboxed a number of classic consoles in our time, but none have looked like this.

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The 3DS is not Nintendo's first foray into the world of 3D gaming. First up was a 3D headset for the good 'ol Famicom (NES in the US), but that never saw American shores and it wasn't anything more fancy than a set of active shutter glasses anyway -- the same sort HDTV manufacturers are trying to sell you today.

However, the company's second 3D offering make it to the US, where it landed with a spectacular thud.

The post survey also assessed participants’ attitudes toward the virtual learning environment.

Of the 14 participant physicians, 12 rated the course experience, 10 completed the pre and post confidence surveys, and 10 completed both the pre and post case studies.

Any notions of shame will follow as soon as you stick your face in the thing.

It has a red and black plastic design, some cheeky foreshadowing for players to be, and on the back is a foam-rubber shroud that ensures you'll be seeing nothing but what's coming out of the red-hued eye ports.

You can even change the guy and be white, black, or latin depending on your mood. the game concept, graphics and basic features have everything that is required for a top-class virtual sex simulation." - MMOVSG "Realistic moans and natural looking movements...

"Very impressed with product, even more impressed with the clarity and humanity of the Tutorial..." — Jim Hayward, UK "Wonderful application.

You can work so much quicker than in other CAD programs like Archi CAD and Vector Works. I found it intuitive and very pleasant to use." — Mario Lenoti, New Zealand "... )" — Olle Sundberg, Sweden "I've been using Design Workshop Lite for the last six months and find it an excellent tool..." — Paul Peppard, Australia "I must say that this package is the most impressive software package I have used since I learned to use computers 16 years ago.

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