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In the end, Jo Jo chose Alex over villain Chad on this hiking date.

(She totally did.) Their face-off was particularly fierce, as dirty looks and verbal jabs were exchanged, with Kelsey accusing, "You know what you did," all with a slightly alarming smile on her face.

But in a surprisingly bold move, Prince Farming eliminated both women, leaving a sobbing Ashley and a smirking Kelsey on their own private patch of desert in the Badlands, with the remaining women popping champagne over Kelsey's exit/honoring Ashley I.'s sacrifice.

All this talk and strategic fire placement, and no one gets tossed in? Taylor tries to tell Corinne that she doesn’t have the emotional maturity to marry Nick.

Corinne puts Taylor on the defensive by telling her that she’s mean and disliked by the other women.

The date was so iconic that Kelsey was interviewed by Chris Harrison in a special prior to the Kelsey and Ashley I.'s bad trip to the Badlands in 2014 really set the tone for two-on-one dates moving forward, with the seasons' "villain" always going on the dreaded outing…and usually not coming back.

(You'll note during seasons without a clear villain or rivalry—like Andi Dorfman or Juan Pablo Galavis' respective outings—a two-on-one date didn't even happen, as the stakes were seemingly too low/boring.), Olivia Caridi, who quickly became Mansion Enemy. 1 after receiving the first impression rose and hogging precious time with Ben Higgins, was sent home on the two-on-one, and was last seen fighting to remain standing against storm winds on a beach in the Bahamas."It's uncomfortable, both for the contestants and for the lead," Olivia, who eventually found her way home, wrote in a blog on of the experience.

One stays, one goes."It's the most wonderful time of the season, Bachelor Nation.

But after 21 seasons, the two-on-one date has evolved over time, going from a date-from-hell to the match-that-lights-the-villain's-fire, especially in the most recent seasons.

Only scorched-bun troubles took away from the reverie. Our role as an independent, fact-based news organization has never been clearer.

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