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“People have to remember that what we got now is because those people gave those lives for what we have now,” he said.The original cemetery had a grave for each soldier. “I think it’s very sad in many ways,” said Lynda Silverstein, the airman’s niece.Henri-Julien Street Webcam ==This webcam is installed close to Saint-Laurent Metro Station on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard at the intersection of Maisonneuve Boulevard in the Quartier des spectacles of the borough of Ville-Marie...

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The Laurentian mountain is a popular one among hikers, but it is also home to the remains of a Liberator bomber aircraft used for training missions in World War II. It’s believed that by the time the pilot noticed the mountain, it was too late.

The aircraft crash was, at that point, the deadliest in Canadian military history. The crash was heard by locals and while the Air Force searched the area, no sign of the plane was found. Three years later, a plane flying over Montagne Noire spotted something shiny.

With over 2,000 active road construction sites in the province, fines for bad driving in those areas will be double the normal amount.

The cameras have been criticized for being uncontestable in court and angry motorists have said they are being implemented as a cash cow for the provincial government, rather than to promote road safety.

It's the location of some famous attractions on Saint Laurent Street, including Schwartz's Deli (famous for its Montreal smoked meat), and a weekend street fair during the summer that sees extremely crowded streets.

In 1997, Utne Reader rated it one of the 15 "hippest" neighbourhoods in North America ... Beyond this point is only blackness, and perhaps some smart statement about Samsung not infringing our patents.

He said the accident left a huge mark on the community; so much so that the people of St.

Donat and the Air Force decided to leave the wreckage on the mountain and build a cemetery there, so the victims would never be forgotten.

Transport Ministry spokesperson Nomba Danielle insisted this is not the case and that studies show since the cameras were first rolled out in 2009, the number of serious accidents has been reduced by 23 per cent. "They are installed only for road users' safety." The province says each location has been chosen as a spot where drivers are known to speed, or to run red lights.

There were already 28 permanent photo radar locations in Quebec, with another 20 places where mobile speed cameras could be installed.

Once finished, Manulife will occupy more than half of the new building as more than 2,000 employees in other buildings will move into the office.

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