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A dad’s worst nightmare is his daughter having to defend herself.

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A doll is a model of a human being, often used as a toy for children.

Dolls have traditionally been used in magic and religious rituals throughout the world, and traditional dolls made of materials such as clay and wood are found in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Injecting some much needed energy into their repertoire, The Bellas take on their male rivals in a campus competition.

Benjamin Barry is an advertising executive and ladies' man who, to win a big campaign, bets that he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days.

When her brother decides to ditch for a couple weeks, Viola heads over to his elite boarding school, disguised as him, and proceeds to fall for one of his soccer teammates, and soon learns she's not the only one with romantic troubles.

Beca, a freshman at Barden University, is cajoled into joining The Bellas, her school's all-girls singing group.We’ve been counting the summers we have with her — we have 2-3 more summers with her before she is on her own.My hope is all we have taught her has her well prepared for life. What are the things you must teach your daughter before she turns 16?The earliest dolls were made from available materials such as clay, stone, wood, bone, ivory, leather, or wax.Archaeological evidence places dolls as the foremost candidate for the oldest known toy.During his tour is when Cameron first sees Bianca Stratford, a beautiful sophomore with one problem: she isn't allowed to date.

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